Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Introducing: The Dan & Matt Show

Wait... I have a blog?!

Could've fooled me.

Anyway, overdue self-imposed absences aside, I am Co-Executive producing another web series, as if I didn't have enough half formed projects swirling around. This one however, is surely to be completed on time, given that all involved literally now live together, we have the tools of the trade at our fingertips, morale is higher than ever, and we've just beat out an entire two month production schedule to finish season one, which we plan on following militantly.

The premise? Well, Dan & Matt perform random shenanigans that most closely resemble sketch comedy on a weekly basis in the hopes that it will amuse you. Virtually no rules, which means this is going to be fun to write for.


Ok, fine. Expect a short teaser on or before August 8th, the first of a few. In fact, my confidence level is so high regarding our ability to pull this off that I will divulge, in big, bold, obnoxious lettering, the date of the season premiere so that I can tempt fate as best as I can:

There. Now we HAVE to do it, cause if we don't I'll look stupid. And Dan & Matt don't want me to look stupid, because when I look stupid I cry. I cry hard. My irises will leak an ocean of sadness that will drown even the most mighty of triathletes, and all the world will be caught in its undertow. That's not something they're prepared to hold on their consciences. Bros don't let bros induce the purging flood.

I'd like to say more, but the ball is already rolling on this one and I have a script to write.


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