Friday, June 7, 2013

I Found the Lost Writer's Room Podcast (Mostly)

The inaugural Writer's Room Podcast, recorded back in February, is called The Lost One. The reason for this is that my hasty decision to record said podcast via iPhone turned out to be ill-advised. About an hour through the stream I realized the phone was about to die, so I plugged in the charger, at which point the phone wigged out and the recording light went off. I looked at my list of recordings, and the most recent entry, aka the podcast, had a lovely running time of 0s.

Fantastic. Now we had to do this again.

So we did, and quickly glossed over every point and subject we had just talked about in much broader detail. And that was the first podcast we ever did.

It should be noted that I am a wildly disorganized person. I have enough disjointed thoughts running through my ADHD addled brain at any given moment that I rarely find time to put them in their proper places. So, in my exhaustion, I let things pile up messily until I can't take it anymore and spend a day sifting through my self-imposed rubble.

It should also be noted that if the collection of random voice memos I have were transferred to analog tape, they'd fill a small frigate. Name them, you say? Keep them tidy in their own digital folder? Nahhh, I'll let them float whimsically around my hard drive in their default "day/month/year time" format so not only are they all over the place, but unless I click on them individually, I have absolutely no inclination as to what the fuck they even contain.

Fast forward to today. I finally have a little time off from work, so the day has basically been spent swimming around my audible trash trying to cherry pick the moments I like for use in the pink revisions of The Hudson Avenue Chronicles.

In digging through this exorbitant collection, I seem to have stumbled upon what turned out to be that fateful, missing podcast. Don't know how, perhaps some reformatting went down during the computer sync. It's best not to question such things. Despite now being woefully out of date, I feel it's worth a post given the extra detail we went into about our various plans and projects for the year that you didn't get to hear on the abridged re-recording.

So, here it is:

NOTE: The podcast just sort of stops at about the hour mark. That was the moment I plugged the charger in and the phone started seizing. But hey, it's something. I am your gift horse. Do not look me in the mouth.


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