Saturday, April 13, 2013

"Leaving You"

And so, the five to twelve year musical journey begins it's long overdue transition into the public eye with the release of "Leaving You", the final track off of whatever the hell my upcoming record is going to turn out to be.

It's not perfect.  It was probably never going to be.  I have neither the means, resources, experience or talent to be able to make this shit sound like it just walked out of Abbey Road.  But this is 2013: The Year of Content, where perfection finally gives way to productivity.

So, I'm content with being able to show it in its demo state, and elated that I will finally be able to move on.  There are many other songs in the works, but this one has sat in an almost finished state for so long that its very existence was proving to be a strain on my brain.  It just needed to be over, or the severe imbalance that has resulted from having a completely lopsided input-to-output ratio threatened to siphon out all of my remaining motivation and passion to do this in the first place.

I may revisit the track and provide extra processing, mixing and mastering.  I may have it professionally redone.  There are a lot of maybe's, but I've learned that those aren't the things to be hanging on.

It's not about being perfect, its about inertia.  Just keep moving, keep creating, and opportunities arise.  Maybe down the road when you've released countless other tracks, the opportunity arises to have that really old one remastered, an opportunity you'd have never gotten if you just locked yourself away and obsessed over every intricate detail.

There's a lot I don't know going forward, but the one thing I do know is that nothing can happen if it's not out there.  I don't expect anyone to care.  I don't expect any of it to be a big deal.

I expect to keep going.


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