Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Middles

I just finished watching the season finale to HBO's generation-defining hit, "Girls", and I feel i mist clarify some things for people in the most pretentious, dickish way possible.

See, it wasn't long after this finale aired that the inevitable cavalcade of status updates fell down my Facebook newsfeed like a happy avalanche.  People quoting memorable lines, singing its praises, and overall just gushing about how ecstatic the happy ending made them.

Except, there's just one problem.  That finale was not a happy one.  In fact, I actually found it quite disturbing.  To briefly illustrate this, let us just go down the short list of main characters to find out where they've ended up:

Jessa is god knows where on some pilgrimage with either herself or the man who neglected her her whole life, most likely making the same stupid decisions or gradually blanketing herself into a false sense of confidence before getting abandoned once again and unraveling even further.  However, it's never right for one to assume, and for all I know, this has been an eye-opening, life-affirming journey for her thus far.  More evidence is required here.

Sad: 0     Happy: 0

Shoshanna's debacle is pretty straightforward at this point, and I would argue the only constructive relationship resolution of the episode.  Though I identify with Ray as someone who also intellectualizes his feelings, Shosh made some very valid points as well, even though she is a cheating whore.  It's not about who was right.  It's about how if it is a happy situation.  Safe to say no, here.

Sad: 1     Happy: 0

Now onto Marnie, who is in my opinion, the worst offender.  I very much dislike Marnie as a character, mainly because she embodies completely every negative stereotype that her gender and looks ignite.  She gets all the love and adoration from a good and genuine man that she could possibly ask for and decides that it just isn't working for her.  In fact, in the entirety of what we see on screen, she just can't be bothered as he tries desperately to get her to requite his affections.  Not much of an actual, coherent reason for the split, she just wasn't feeling it.  Ya know, she was bored!  Oh, lamentable day.  Okay, fine.

Slowly, the lack of attention she gets from said ex begins to wear on her, because it was never about being in a loving, committed relationship, it was about having the satisfaction of knowing other people want and love her, because she is self-centered and shallow.  Indeed, the very nanosecond that Mr. Ex becomes even remotely successful, she swarms back like flies to shit because her own feeble insecurities cannot take the thought of anyone, especially someone she views as inherently inferior, earning a better station in life, and she begins spouting off at the mouth of how she all of a sudden loves him so much.  Sure she says it ain't about the money!  Even she knows how bad these optics are.  Her hands are redder than a fucking lobster's.

Fucko, instead of telling her to eat glass, never fully recovered from the original breakup and harbors residual feelings because Allison Williams, and reluctantly accepts her offer, and they embrace and walk arm-in-arm.

If you think that is in any way happy, there is something seriously wrong with you, and you represent the very distorted and perverted views of what love is that have allowed the divorce rate to climb to 60%.  This relationship is now predicated on the superfluous, a much less sturdy foundation that it has ever been on before, even when they were not together.  Regardless of if these two make it or not, it will never change the fact that Marnie is only with Charlie because of his money and success, and would not be with him otherwise, and as a viewer gaining this knowledge, there is no other way to view this development than pathetic.  This love is fake, and fake love isn't happy.

Sad: 2     Happy: 0

Finally, we have Hannah.  The woman who, out loud on voicemail, called her former paramour a stalker less than sixty minutes before their apparent pitch-perfect reunion.  Do I even have to explain this one?  Hannah left Adam, not wrongfully so, and now that Adam is finally trying to pick up the pieces of his broken heart and move on (and hanging on by a thread while doing it), she decides to call him (on FaceTime, which was 100% a calculated decision) so he can realize how much trouble she is in because she knows that he will be there before she can say "I don't want to be with you because it feels too shitty for me".  The two's relationship was dysfunctional, often bordering abusive due to Adam's erratic and controlling nature, and they're not only regressing back to this situation, they're actually glorifying the aspects of their relationship that made it so dysfunctional.

Hannah, "Stop Yelling!  This was part of the problem in the first place! (But seriously, break down the door and save me, you beautiful psycho)"

It was the very sight of Hannah and her seemingly returning affection that threw Adam off the fucking wagon.  So were not only going back to an abusive relationship, we're adding alcohol to the mix.  Yeah.  Well I guess it's okay because there was a cute dialogue exchange and a passionate kiss--NOT.

Sad: 3     Happy: 0

This whole episode conveyed a disturbing theme of crippling dependency throughout.  It was a collective cry for help from a group of women who cannot get their shit together no matter how hard they try, so in a brief respite of weakness, they fall victim to the worst angels of their nature and try to beg, woo, and manipulate those they've abandoned, hurt and disappointed to clean up their fucking messes.  I cannot think of more codependent, borderline sociopathic behavior, and were supposed to view this as some fairy tale?

I highly doubt that's what Dunham was going for, and the whole way it was shot and scored like some bullshit bargain basement rom com was likely done purposely to subvert our expectations.  If anyone knows how to throw those kinds of curveballs, it's Dunham.  I'm looking forward to how she lights this powder keg.


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