Sunday, December 9, 2012

Dexter - "Do the Wrong Thing" Review

Dexter does what who he's gotta do...

The hunt is on this week as Dexter attempts desperately to give himself a reason to take out Hannah McKay and assuage his dark passenger.

And he begins my making a typical Dexter decision: put him and a case at risk and fudge a blood report to feign truce between him and the blonde.  Except feigning may not be the word, because as this season progresses.  The tension is palpable, as it is becoming clear that Hannah is getting into Dexter's head emotionally, and feelings are beginning to develop.

I'm continuing to enjoy the subtle moments of character development with Isaak as he stares at his mental blank canvas, and...wait... a cellphone?!  Where the fuck did Isaak get a cellphone in fucking prison?!  Is it me?  Are you allowed portable communication in the slammer now?  Did I miss that bill? I was very confused by this, and it nagged me throughout the rest of the episode.

Meanwhile, Dexter deduces that Hannah is the resident Poison Ivy in Miami as she's been slipping fatal mickeys to just about everyone close to her.  Much of this information he receives from true crime writer Sal Price, who might as well have "fly in the ointment" written on his forehead, but his first interaction with Dexter is productive, as he gets the information he needs to put Hannah under the knife.

You know, everyone in Miami seems to be awfully cordial and chatty when it comes to strangers.  I often wonder what sort of Jedi mind trickery Dexter plays on people like Hanah's handyman to just divulge the equivalent of a life story upon receiving so much as a wink and a smile.  If I was that handyman, he would have gotten short, one sentence answers, cause I'm busy shingling a roof and I don't know this man, but maybe that just speaks to how much of a misanthropic dick I am.

As far as price himself, he kind of annoys me.  Reminds me of Louis, only not nearly as annoying, but still a splinter in his own right.  That said, the episode does a good job of fleshing him out with his pursuance of Deb.  It is nice to see Deb smile.  She hasn't done that since around the turn of the century.

I feel the same way about "Do the Wrong Thing" as I did about "Buck the System".  Not really much to say.  All of the respective plots creeped forward in relatively predictable ways, with no major missteps or many noteworthy moments throughout.  Laguerta inches closer to the truth, Isaak sets up his release by way of Quinn, and Hannah ends up on Dexter's table.  It was fairly obvious Dexter was going to find what he needed, so we spent most of the episode just waiting for it to happen.  It was all well done though, particularly the traded "creepily intruding on your home" scenes.

The best moments, unsurprisingly, came from Deb and her consistent unraveling of Dexter's past, which never stops being utterly refreshing.  She is the roadblock between Dexter and his own justification.  I had to chuckle when Dexter said he was trying to make things right by helping Lumen, to which Deb replied, "yeah, by killing five other people".  Dexter got pretty shaken up by the end of the conversation, and I can't help but feel his level of frustration when being confronted with his own bullshit is inversely proportional to the level of catharsis the audience feels.  Deborah is the anchor tethering Season Seven to the ground, and this was just another example.

Exchange of the episode:

"I wanna take you out."
"On a date?"
"That'll work."

I think the reason Hannah McKay is working as a character instead of feeling stale is because she seems to be much more than meets the eye, and not just your typical femme fatale with a dark past.  The scene at her house with Dexter, as well as previous scenes with her, seemed surprisingly honest and human, though maybe that's just a testament to Yvonne Strahovski.

Speaking of her... thank you, show, for that positively awesome ending.  What a dark, twisted romance that seems to be brewing between the two, as Dexter makes sure to give Hannah a view of the snow she always wanted to see before giving her the needle.  Can you say conflict of interest?  Dexter and Hannah are clicking as a couple more than any previous Dexter romance.  There's so much ambiguity. So many conflicting emotions swirling in a sea of passion.  It's a true battle between the primal and the rational, and it's being done expertly.  I'm excited to see what's in store for their "relationship".

This was a good episode which was elevated by its last five minutes.

P.S. - I would totally eat at Batista's restaurant.

80% = ***1/2 = "Amazing"


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