Sunday, October 14, 2012

RE6 Complaint of the Day #8

In Resident Evil 4's later levels, shooting the undead in its noggin would occasionally result in the parasite rearing its ugly head for an added challenge.  This told you to either conserve your flash bang grenades for easy disposal, or to not shoot them in the head.  It added strategy and tactics to the gameplay.

Well, that's just excessive.
Resident Evil 6 has zombies sprouting super-stretchy limbs, impenetrable shields or outright becoming a mini-boss if they so much as graze against a shell casing.  It doesn't matter where you hit them, and they become significantly tougher to defeat, no matter what kind of ammo you use, assuming you have enough.

So, in essence, you are actively discouraged from engaging in the firefights this game is supposed to be built around.  You don't feel accomplished or rewarded at all for fighting.  It's just not worth it.


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