Saturday, October 20, 2012

RE6 Complaint of the Day #16

Here are the controls for Gears of War 2, the control scheme for your standard third person shooter:

You should notice that moving the right stick allows you to turn, while the left stick allows you to strafe.  This is how it is supposed to work.  There's nothing wrong with this control scheme.

Resident Evil 6 says nah, we'll just make BOTH sticks turn the character, so you are constantly disoriented, often accidentally turning twice, unsure of where you are aiming at, to the point where you risk vertigo.

RE6 has so many useless options available for tweaking (who wasted the time programming "dominant hand"", yet a simple strafe function eludes me.

And I don't give a shit if even though it looks different it still is ultimately the same function.  If it looks different, I will react in kind.  I should not have to re-engineer my instincts for your stupid fucking design decisions.

Keep it simple stupid.


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