Sunday, October 7, 2012

On "Resident Evil 6"

.... I was right.

The full review is pending, as I have to wait until next weekend to play Co-Op with my friend who will be reviewing it with me in Guys on a Couch, a process that will likely take weeks.  I've only played Leon's campaign so far, but from what I've seen from that alone by the time I'm finished with the remaining campaign this video review will be two hours.  I honestly cannot believe what they've done to my baby.

Understand, I am not on some fanboy "oh it's just not the same" shit.  In fact, RE6 has made me look back on the tightly focused but woefully misguided experience that was RE5 more charitably.

Say what you want about Resident Evil 5 (and I will, so don't ask), at the end of the day, even with a couple of poor design choices, it was still a GOOD game.  It didn't carry any replay value for me because the environments didn't pull me in, the co-op was awful, and, well, it was just way too similar to 4 and considerably less inspired.  I just didn't feel the magic.  Not to mention that survival horror officially became survival action with that installment.

Much of the reason why Resident Evil 4 was so nerve-wracking was because 90% of the design decisions they made we had never seen before.  We were on a brave new frontier for 25 gloriously suspenseful hours.  It was exhilarating.  When you just rinse and repeat that formula, sure the game can't be called bad, but it loses most of it's sting.

But Resident Evil 6... wow.  Where to begin.  I literally have a gripe with every single design choice this game makes.  Almost every idea was a bad one.  This is, by far, the most homogenous collection of conflicting sensibilities I have yet seen.

I can't hold in my need to vent, so until my full review is up, I'm just going to post a different complaint every day.  Maybe more than one, who knows.  Most of this will probably make it into the review.

I leave you with my final thought upon finishing campaign 1:



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