Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm Available for Drafts, Warner Brothers

With Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy officially in the can, it comes as so surprise that WB is already talking reboot.  Allow me to interject by making a bold yet apropos suggestion:

Yeahhhh, remember this?  I do.  It was fucking awesome.

Words can't adequately describe the possibilities of running with this.  The new character provides a fresh start and a young shot of life in a brand new universe while still being able to pacify the weightiness of the franchise's previous iterations.  I can imagine this old Bruce Wayne sitting hunched in the Batcave, popping some painies, and telling stories of his glory days, which are delightfully ambiguous as to whether we're talking about Nolan's events, or events that could've hypothetically occurred in the interim.  The themes can now apply additionally to a completely different demographic, as a young and inexperienced Batman learns about the trials and tribulations of growing up, the hard way, along with the interplay of a pseudo father/son relationship.

You no longer would have to use the expositional gymnastics that Nolan needed to preserve realism, because hey, it's the future, which opens the door to better fight choreography and ridiculously epic action scenes.

And the red and black aesthetic is just fucking sexy, and could provide for some truly beautiful neo-noir cinematography.

The future setting also provides ample opportunities for deep thematic musings on the consequences of our worst socio-political and economical tendencies through a prism of science fiction.  It fits like a glove with the aesthetic the film series has established for itself.  In certain aspects, it's arguably even darker.  Not to mention, hardcore fans would more or less be all over this.

If Warner really wanted to shake things up, they'd issue press releases saying that this next series of movies had nothing to do with the Nolan films (wink,wink), then cast Gordon-Levitt as the title character along with say, a Mickey Rourke as Bruce Wayne.  If old fans of Nolan wanted to imagine the films were all interconnected, they could and there'd be little evidence suggesting otherwise, yet you'd have the freedom to tell a completely new story.  It just feels like a right move to make, instead of just starting over again, again.

Oh, by the way, I'm talking about Batman Beyond.  Have you really not seen that?  Jesus, check it out.

I'm available for first drafts, Warner Brothers.  Hit me up.


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