Thursday, August 16, 2012

Friends Don't Let Friends Read YouTube Comments

I was always warned, but part of me always wondered, what's it like?  Where does it lead you?  So I did the internet equivalent of crystal meth:

I read and responded to YouTube comments.

Politically charged YouTube comments.

And in just 24 hours, I'm going insane.  I can see where this rabbit hole is leading, and it's freaking me out.  I can't be that guy.  I just can't.

Already, my faith in the human race has fallen in triplicate.  I try to live a fair, tolerant, and honorable existence.  For chrissakes, I'm a moderate!  But the level of ignorance that so many people willfully employ just depresses me.

So I'm DONE.  No more.  I have slept on the proverbial crack mattress and I need to get the stiffness out of my neck.  I'm hanging it up.  I don't care what is said by anyone in response to me, after what I've seen, it's all futile.


Wanna know why?  Here's a sample:

  • Your using propaganda. that 40 million consumer base that could not get health care is BS and a lie. They CAN get it they just have to pay more for it . How about you pay your healthcare premiums and I pay mine. If you are sicker than me you should pay more. You have to love people like you that expect everyone else to pay for YORU LIFE AND YOUR PERSONAL CHOICES! I am sure if you give typo your cell phone, new car and other stuff you can afford the premiums. I am sure you dont want to do that !

    Oh and state hospitals a cannot turn you away . You may receive a huge bill because you CHOOSE NOT TO BUY insurance but thats on you. STop blaming the rich for your lot in life. Tough shit . You want a better life earn it and stop stealing my tax dollars. I bet a paid three times what you made last year in taxes last year.

    Can somebody shut him up?

    choose not to buy? oh, you must mean CAN"T AFFORD. Because instead of making your money and leaving well enough alone, you must use your position to invade gov't, buy elections, and pass legislation that only helps YOU and disenfranchise the rest of us. you've removed the ladder of opportunity so noone else can get to your level and you want to just remain on your high horse. give me a break healthcare is a human right and you need to pay fair taxes LIKE THE REST OF US. You don't EARN shit.
    People like you who condescend to the less fortunate as "freeloaders" and people who "don't know the dignity of work" while stacking the deck in your favor are exactly what's wrong with this country. You are a hypocritical, Ayn Randian perversion of the American Dream. I want roads and bridges prosperity for this country, so pay 30% like the rest of us or get the fuck out. Period.
    It's a personal choice to get sick? I'm actually flabbergasted at how spectacularly ignorant you sound. You want people to give up their lives to afford a bloated, discriminatory system where insurance companies have all the power.  This ain't Brookstone, asshole. We're not buying a massage chair. This is our lives, and we have a right to it. It's not "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness if you can afford it".
    To be so insensitive to your fellow man, you really are the worst kind of person.
    30% your full of shit ! Almost 50 % pay no taxes ! Sell your sell phones, new cars and you can afford insurance

    I likely paid 3 times what you made in income last year
    what phones and cars?! most poor can't even afford those. and how to you reckon people hold a job where car transport and cell phones are basically required?  you sir, are out of touch.
    You are apparently not understanding me, or enjoy being completely ignorant. Of course you most likely paid more, because you MADE MORE. And since you wan't to judge me, I'll bet most of that income was derived from sitting in a chair watching the capital gains roll in and exploiting tax loopholes. Yeah, you really EARNED that money. Are you not aware of simple algebra? If not, please go back to seventh grade and read up on "Proportions".

    30 percent was in reference not to what percent pay taxes, but the approximate percentage of taxes the middle class pay and indeed everyone used to pay, and should, but you do not. Say it with me... Fair Taxes = EQUAL PROPORTION OF INCOME not THE SAME DOLLAR VALUE. Jeez, how'd you even get rich in the first place? Even I could balance and amortize better than you.

    Guys, let's be clear. Nobody wants the rich to pay for anyone's poor choices. We want the rich to pay THEIR FAIR SHARE, so that our economy can flourish again, and we all can have an OPPORTUNITY to make the right choices and prosper, which we currently do not. America used to be the land of opportunity. Don't let hypocritical millionaires convince you otherwise.

Here's another goodie:

    • How ignorant of you, do you live in the nation I live in? First, Obama did not kill Bin Laden, the military did. And the military would have done so with or without Obama in office. In fact, the fight to find Bin Laden began with Bush. Also, Obama's healthcare is horrible and takes away more freedom than it gives, do some research. Finally, Bush had no control over the weather - you can't blame the effects of Katrina on him. Learn your facts, and don't speak again until you do. Romney/Ryan.
      @John Dickson To say Obama didn't kill Bin Laden is a spectacular falsehood based on technical rhetoric. Obama made it a priority from day one to change the war on TERROR to the war on AL QAEDA and to restore the effort to find Bin Laden that Bush ABANDONED by the end of his second term.

    • @ John Dickson And indeed in addition to Bin Laden, almost all Al Qaeda is completely decimated. It was his policy on Pakistani intelligence that got us there in the first place, which both Bush and Romney said they wouldn't have done. Bush lost him in Tora Bora in 2001 and never picked up the trail again, instead he dragged us into wars under false pretenses which Obama is busy getting us out of, and has in Iraq.

    @John Dickson Obama had to exercise a spectacular amount of care and judgement in this situation and even called the strike off twice before officially ordering it, and it was an unbelievable chance that he took (30-40% likelihood based on intel). Obamacare takes away no freedoms, in fact it reforms a stopgap inefficient system we've been using since WWII, eliminates discrimination and keeps insurance companies in check all while providing a basic human right that we all need.
    @ John Dickson Of course Bush couldn’t control the weather. What he could control is the way he reacted to(or lack thereof) the disaster. The spectacular evac failings, slow relief efforts, complete disregard for the poor or homeless, the lack of even visiting or seeming to care at all, instead going on vacation while an entire city drowns.
    @John Dickson For someone blindly touting to “learn the facts”, they are completely absent in your argument. You’re speaking in partisan talking points and empty rhetoric rather than rationality based on empirical evidence, and until you start I’d strongly recommend exercising discretion when calling others ignorant.

    obama never killed osama. our Navy seals did. don't take the credit away from them
  • I will direct you to my previous comments. of course he didn't pull the trigger, and i take no credit away from our seals. But Obama changed Bush's policies toward Pakistan, got the intel, and made the (very difficult) call. Period. No arguing that. And if Bush made that call, you wouldn't argue it.
  • And finally:

    If you listened to the WHOLE bit instead of this cropped and selected portion, you find out he's talking about the ones who EXPLOIT their victim status to make money off of the tragedy, and about the LOOTERS in New Orleans.
    Way to MSNBC a sound clip!
    • right, the terrible looters... like the frightened poor and marginalized homeless who were in fear for their lives amidst a tragedy as big as hurricane Katrina, watching in horror as their president did NOTHING for them, and having, ya know, a powerful need to EAT and seek SHELTER.
      • there are bad apples in every basket. but most looters were trying to survive. and regardless, how do you justify focusing on that when there is an entire city drowning in one of the worst disasters ever? make it easier to overlook anyone who isn't you?

        Right back atcha: How do YOU justify Twisting Glenn Beck's words about a few bad apples to make it sound like he's referring to EVERY 9/11 victim family and EVERY Katrina survivor? Make it easier to overlook anyone with principles and a sense of honor?
      • The fact that you just equated 9/11 victims families with looting basically proves my point. The fact is, he shouldn't hate ANYONE who lost a loved one during 9/11. Who the fuck does he think he is? Please, tell me, where's the honor in that? We owe them, particularly the FDNY and NYPD, who bravely lost their lives, EVERYTHING. And since when are propaganda, paranoia, alcoholism, xenophobia, and cultural bias principles? Is that a joke??

        And that, kids, is all she wrote.


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