Sunday, August 12, 2012

Breaking Bad - "Dead Freight" Review

Jesus Fucking Christ.

And to think, at the beginning of this episode, I thought that maybe I was in for a weaker episode. That opening just seemed like way too much of a non-sequitir.  Symbolism for the sake of symbolism.  The writers falling a little too in love with their own prose.

I should've known better. I really, really, really should've known better.

I should've known better when I heard all the kids talk in this episode.  I should've known better because something had to happen.  I should've known better because this is Breaking fucking Bad.

Season five, amazingly, has been my favorite season of Bad thus far.  It's just overflowing with an effortless fluidity, every chess piece moving masterfully in place.  Not a beat has been missed and through all the slower scenes and meditative dialogue, its absolutely enthralling to watch.  It gives you that child-like sense of wonder where you literally forget you're in reality until they cut to black.  And Mike is just fucking awesome.  One of my favorite characters in anything, ever.

The pacing just seems to have kicked right into high gear, which might be because of its emphasis on the heist.  I love a good heist story, and its been clear Gilligan and co. don't half-ass anything. Right down to the fucking "secured" sticker, they made a point to show every intricate detail and it was the most suspenseful thing I've seen since "One Minute" two years ago.  The whole thing played out like a mini-movie.  Flawless execution.

And then... it happened.  The game-changer.  This is the most disturbing place this show has ever been, and things will get worse.  Because they needed to.  This will irreparably affect each character involved.  To finally see, without any shades of grey, the consequences of their actions, and purity destroyed by their own hands, however indirectly.  It is almost shakespearian in its overwhelming tragedy.

And Walt's response to Skyler was just fucking classic.

We have officially reached the lynchpin.  The beginning of the end.  And after all this time, Breaking Bad is still peaking all over everybody's faces.

I'm trying to review this critically, but I just can't.  Everything I say will just be uncontrollable gushiness about how epic this show is.

When people say television is doing better work than feature film, this is what they're talking about.

What a fucking episode.

100% = **** = "Masterpiece"

P.S.  I may make this a weekly thing from now on, so for what it's worth:

"Live Free or Die"
85% = ***1/2 = "Amazing"

89% = ***1/2 = "Amazing"

"Hazard Pay"
89% = ***1/2 = "Amazing"

98% = **** = "Masterpiece"


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