Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ted = Good, Looper = Promising

Ted, as a film, structurally, is paint-by-numbers, and extremely formulaic.  There's also a saying in Hollywood, that "funny trumps everything", and damn it if this movie doesn't have it in spades.  Hysterical, which is probably how it managed the very daunting task of making me emotionally invested.  You should see it.

Oh, and Patrick Stewart narrates.  That's literally all you need to know.

UPDATE:  Let's rate it!

65% = *** = "Good"

In other "people who will be taking my money in the future" news, Rian Johnson (director of the oft-overlooked indie gem "Brick", which should be on your have-seen-by-now list) recently released a trailer of his next film, Looper, which centers around Joseph Gordon Levitt as a luxuriously-living temporal hit-man for the future of organized crime who has a crisis of conscience when the latest mark they send back just happens to be him.

color me SOLD


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