Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Will The Dark Knight Rise?

As with many things recently, I have not been particularly excited about The Dark Knight Rises.  I mean, I'm sure it will be a very good movie, but I'm making sure I don't give myself an unwarranted level of expectation given its lightning-in-a-bottle predecessor.  I've probably become jaded by being let down by too many third installments (*cough cough* Mass Effect *cough cough*), and I want to give Christopher Nolan as fresh-eyed a take as I can give when it's finally released.

That being said, early reviews have been very positive, with Oscar already buzzing, which I have to say, is making my heart go ever so aflutter for the possibility of what could be one of the best trilogies... well, ever.

It could just be an Inception-esque false alarm, where the fanboy's who saw it early cried of it being the second coming, only to have it crash down to earth with the deplorable title of "really good movie".

Whatever the case, here's to hoping.


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