Thursday, July 26, 2012

"Cloud Atlas" Gives Me Fuzzies

Ladies and Gentleman, I give you what may soon bear the nickname, "The Wachowski's Redemption":

As a writer, I've always wanted to write a sprawling epic like this, spanning as much as a billion years, interconnected by theme.  Alas, I am not talented enough for any such idea to fully gestate into fruition. I mean, how the hell do you pull something like that off without coming off as obtuse and pretentious?  Where do you GO from an idea like that?

I really hope this film shows me how.  It's one of those trailers that's so good that upon watching it you're immediately extrapolating the heights with which it can rise to, analyzing each thread and celebrating the various ways they could be realized, and for a moment, you almost feel like you're a part of the process, and you hope that it is indeed doing what you think its doing.

Fucking awesome trailer.


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