Saturday, June 30, 2012

Raison D'être


If you are reading this, I can't help but seriously call into question the level of free time you have.   Coming from someone with whom the thought of blogs, statuses, and other people in general incurs the phrase "cannot be bothered", you seem to devote an unreasonable amount of time to the marginalized, and otherwise completely ancillary.

In other words: WELCOME!!!!!

This is my digital fish tank, which will (hopefully) be continuously fed with flaky words and delicious updates to my life and career ambitions, because I've decided that I should have just as high a level of unwarranted self-importance as the rest of you fucks.

(Insults by the second paragraph, aren't I a pisser?)

Anyway, the reason for this blog's existence is to tie together all of the various projects that I have been working on up to this point, as well as future projects, into one pretty little digital bow so as to serve as the front line for all of my networking needs.  This will also provide much needed structure to my life as well as to those who deem it necessary to follow the things I do. If it has to do with me, you'll probably find it here. 

Consider this the one stop Vinny shop.  The Wal-Mart of me.  Except I want to put people IN business.

For those unacquainted with what I (aspire to) do, and have been doing for the past decade, quick rundown:

1) Musician/Record Producer/Recording Artist
2) Writer (Primarily of the Screen variety)
3) Director/Editor
4) Actor
5) Entrepreneur
6) The intellectual savior of mankind's banality

To say it has not been particularly easy would be like saying my rampant perfectionism needs to be kicked in the taint.   Quite understated.  As I enter the third year of my Quarter-Life Crisis, growing progressively tired of the endless staging area that has become my creative process, the thought "GET A FUCKING MOVE ON" begins throbbing in my head like a hooker with her mouth full.  

Fortunately for me, many of the projects I have been working on are nearing completion, and while some are not quite there yet, it occurs to me that I need to finally start trying to get my name out there.   Can't get anywhere without good ol' networking, and in the coming weeks, it's going to be time to start
throwing the shit at the proverbial wall and see if anything grows velcro.

There will also be an inevitable cavalcade of random thoughts, musings, and other brain ventilations that such an outlet brings with it like a ball and chain.

If you like me or have at one time enjoyed my presence, spread the word.

If you dislike me, spread the word so you can make fun of me (and by the way, you've got thinly veiled insecurity on your face).

This message will fuck your face in five seconds.

(Internet High Five)


P.S. - @ Sister's graduation, heard new funniest name: "Adam Factor". That would've been a mainstay in Mrs. Marks Ninth Grade Earth Science class. Still laughing.

P.P.S. - No offense, Mr. Factor. I'm sure you're a lovely human. Hey, you even get bonus points when you factor in your name BAHHHH ZOMG.

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